MedSitter Update Helps COVID-19 Patients Combat Social Isolation

Press Release

Today, Interactive Digital Solutions, Inc. (IDS) announced the latest expansion of its virtual patient observation solution MedSitter®. The new capabilities allow healthcare providers to utilize the MedSitter® mobile cart to perform multiple telehealth functions. New applications include Virtual Visitations, Video Intercom, Video Interpreting and Virtual Rounding.

“The product vision and roadmap for MedSitter® has long been to grow and evolve in both software and hardware,” says Nicholas Luthy, VP of Products & Marketing. “We accelerated plans enabling multiple new use cases on the same hardware in conjunction with the existing telemedicine platform.”

  • Virtual Visitation – allows patients to interact with caregivers and family members while being quarantined or in isolation.​
  • Video Intercom – makes it possible for caregivers to interact with patients in high-risk conditions without entering the room.
  • Video Interpreting – when language prevents caregivers from providing care, interpreters are required. This service ensures patients can participate in their own care by leveraging the language library for real-time translation or speaking with someone in their native language.
  • Virtual Rounding – provides caregivers with the remote access they need to provide the one-on-one care while minimizing exposure risks.

“With the continued impact of the global pandemic, new problems arose with patients that stemmed from being alone. The need to connect patients with people, other than the care team, gave us cause to expedite plans to authorize multiple telemedicine use cases on the same hardware platform. The results have been positively overwhelming,” says Tracy Mills, President of IDSolutions.

MedSitter® + Telehealth:

  • Reduces risks of infectious disease. Clinicians less frequently enter patient rooms and can leverage the MedSitter software to safely observe and connect to isolated COVID patients using video/audio technology.
  • Enables video virtual visits to communicate with medical providers. Clinicians can quickly transition MedSitter mobile carts to leverage virtual visits, video intercoms, and virtual rounding functionality.
  • Betters hospital experience due to reduced social isolation for patients. Both MedSitter Patient Safety Observation and Virtual Visit offer the ability to eliminate the loneliness of isolation.
  • Reduces consumption of valuable PPE. MedSitter video technology eliminates the need to “suit up” every time a clinician must talk to or attend to a patient.

This update comes just two weeks after the release of the next-generation MedSitter mobile cart which allows patient observers to monitor patients more effectively utilizing dual-camera omni-directional night-vision capabilities.

While patient sitting is generally not a reimbursable expense, this expansion introduces new ways to leverage MedSitter (hardware + software) in ways that are, in fact, eligible for reimbursement. “The IDS team is helping grant-funded hospitals leverage their telemedicine grants, furthering the value for healthcare providers to work with us. It’s rewarding to consult with prospective customers on how best to allocate grant dollars to generate revenue, save on operational expenses but, most importantly, keep their staff and patients safe,” concludes Mills.

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