MedSitter Good Catches: Near Miss Reporting To Help Hospitals Spot Trends & Areas for Improvement

One of the seemingly subtle yet highly valuable things that MedSitter can do is enable sitters to document “Good Catches” independently of our patient-centric notes. Our embedded patient-centric notes is a great way to allow sitters to notates their patient observations in a way that can be reported upon; but Good Catches, more so than notes, are about identifying the amazing actions of staff and care providers; call-outs for amazing responses by the staff to patient needs; and a way for sitters to share with their management the impact delivered day-to-day.

We are delighted to see the many ways that the MedSitter product is used. And to illustrate that, we thought we’d let real sitters, in real situations tell you about how the system is used and the good catches along the way. These are real reports through the MedSitter platform; we’ve only edited to ensure anonymization and minor grammar corrections; we’ve not created or adjusted the context whatsoever.

Fall Prevention Catches

  • “The patient tried to slip their legs through the side rails. Called and notified the Charge Nurse immediately and prevented the patient from falling and injuring themselves”.
  • “The sitter witnessed a patient reaching for an object on the floor and sounded the stat alarm which prevented the patient from falling!”

Restroom Needs Catches

  • “The patient had to use the restroom; I contacted the nurse.”
  • “A patient, who is a fall risk, was attempting to get up without assistance. I notified the staff and the patient was assisted to the bathroom without incident.”
  • Staff Accolades

We have substituted real names with Jane and Jackie for the sake of anonymization.

  • “Jane Doe CNA was always in reach of helping her patients who attempted to get up alone.”
  • “Jane and Jackie were very fast and prompt to assist an unresponsive patient.”
  • “The patient’s hair was knotted and ratted from being on bed rest since she was unable to wash it. RNs Jane and Jane worked together, combed, and used products to get the patient’s hair untangled. Awesome Nurses!”

Bed Exit Alarm Validation

  • “I noticed the bed exit alarm was not on. Notified the RN.
  • “Called the tech to let her know that the bed alarm for an impulsive and restless patient needed to be turned on.”

Patient Elopement Catches

  • “We were able to stop a patient from eloping multiple times.”
  • “The patient was extremely agitated and threatening to leave. I called the patient’s wife and transferred the call into the room. The patient settled down after speaking with his wife.”

Tubes, Catheters, and Medical Devices

  • “I was able to sound the alarm and get the bedside staff into the room quickly when a high fall risk patient stood up from their chair. The patient was pulling on monitor wires, oxygen tubing, and a catheter when standing; getting the bedside staff in there quickly prevented the patient from accidentally removing anything or falling.”
    Suicidal Ideation Catch
  • “I was able to catch a patient making suicidal comments and alert the nurse quickly so proper precautions could be put in place for patient safety.”
    Family Interactions
  • “Family members were attempting to get the patient to change their will and get the patient’s house keys. Case management and Adult Protective Services were notified.”
  • These select few examples are just a few of the use cases in which the MedSitter platform gets leveraged… in the words of actual sitters. These catches are shared with the provider’s management team and allow a light to be cast on the program but also allows a forum for staff to praise each other.