Technology that inspires learning.

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Primary schools had to pivot quickly to adapt to remote and hybrid learning for younger students and youth. With interactive technologies, instructors are able to continue to engage their students.

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Higher Education

Colleges and universities attract more students and qualified faculty when they provided the latest, fastest technologies that make learning -- and teaching -- more productive.

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Trade School

Programs that support continuous education and life-long learners need seamless integrations with minimal downtime to make communication and remote learning second nature.

Distant Learning, Centrally Managed

Many school districts are using a digital streaming solution to deliver more media to individual classrooms seamlessly. In addition, user-friendly technology helps faculty adopt the system faster.

Pendleton County school district case study
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Ramp up your digital classrooms today.


what we do

Your entire project, supported from end to end.


We start by understanding your pain points. With your business goals in mind, we design a solution that fixes them.


Seamlessly integrated software and hardware solutions are implemented robustly to plan for any future technology upgrades and additions.

Maintenance & Support

Designed to be an extension of your IT department, the dedicated Customer Care Center is available for 24×7 support, including remote troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, and security alerts.

Project Management

Our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines.

Customer Success

We make sure your ongoing needs are met through training and technology upgrades even beyond completing the project.

Data Analytics

Data analytics help to track business and technology trends in your organization. We help you gain faster ROI by determining how much (or little) software or hardware you truly need.

“We are constantly complimented on the quality, flexibility, and ease of connectivity from our students.”

John McKee, Technical Service Manager
University of Houston

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Accelerated Learning

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education systems worldwide, technology played a key role in helping students learn. K-12 and higher education alike use technology from Logitech to connect with instructors, resources, and peers to advance their education.

Logitech education solutions


Become our next delighted education customer.

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Case Study: Learn and Explore

With the unique cloud-based solution IDS built for Arizona State University, students out in the field can stay connected to instructors regardless of how far their education takes them.

Arizona state university case study
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Technology Partners

We partner with top technology companies to bring together best-of-breed solutions.

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